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Toronto is the largest city in Ontario with a population of over 2.5 Million it is the fifth largest city in the whole of Canada. It is in the heart of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Toronto is known for being one of the most multi-cultural cities in Canada, and is regarded as the most important city for immigrants coming to Canada from all over the globe.

Toronto is made up of numerous areas and neighbourhoods and has real estate that caters to all pockets. Condos and townhouses are particularly sought after, and to buy a Toronto cond in the downtown core, you can look to spend anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars to millions of dollars for a penthouse.

Toronto is also known for its sports and nightlife. The Maple Leafs, Raptors Blue Jays, Argonauts and the Rock are the top professional sports teams in Toronto and are always a great entertainment option.

You might think that spending so much money on Toronto real estate might seem like a lot to you and that you'd rather be saving your money or spending it on things such as taking a course, a brand new high definition television set or going on vacation. While those are all worthy of you spending money on them, buying Toronto real estate is an investment. An investment in your future.

Toronto affords you many great employment opportunities that you might not find anywhere else because of it being such a high populous city. Many of the country's, and the world's, top businesses, especially in the financial sector, operate out of Toronto. Getting a top job with a worldwide conglomerate can help pay for your real estate. Real estate that provides you with a lot of opportunities, as we already mentioned above. Townhouses, luxury homes, and condos are all types of real estate properties you can find in Toronto. Also, don't forget the diverse neighbourhoods they are all located in. Just think how much fun it would be to go around browsing local stores to fill your new home.

The best part about Toronto is how vibrant a city it is. There is always something for you and your whole family to do. We already mentioned the professional sports teams Toronto is home to. If you're not a big sports fan you can take your family out to any number of interesting sites, tour the CN Tower, take in a musical concert at Massey Hall or Sneaky Dee's, visit the exhibits at the Royal Ontario Museum, take in some artwork at the Art Gallery of Toronto, see a wide range of footwear at the Bata Shoe Museum, or play games, go on rides and eat cotton candy at the annual Canadian National Exhibition.

The city of Toronto has plenty to offer anyone living in or visiting Toronto. Instead of picking out art for your new home go out and see the sights.


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